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A Promise to my Couples

On your wedding day, I promise to see you not as “clients” but instead exactly as you are, two humans on one of the most exciting days of their lives feeling a whole plethora of emotions. I believe my job as your photographer is to capture all those emotions and translate them into tangible imagery, that when looked upon years from now act as a reminder for you of exactly how you felt in that moment.

I won’t lie, I’m not big on stagnantly posed smiling faces pointed towards my lens, I want you. The real you. I want to experience that genuine unique connection between you and your partner. I want to see the silly dancing and the wild hair, the glistening teary-eyed glances and goofy smiles. I want those quiet in-between moments where you lock eyes from across the room and the world fades away and you’re both grinning because you’re realizing all over again you’ve just married your best friend.


Choosing me as your photographer is giving me the privilege of telling the story of your love for all time and I believe in telling that story to future generations as candidly and transparently as I am able.