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Organic | Natural | Timeless

I think you can use these three words to describe my style of posed newborn portraiture. I have a few great loves, two of which are the simple, unbelievable beauty of a fresh newborn babe and the intricate natural complexities of mother nature and my style of newborn portraiture embodies those loves.

I work with a combination of natural elements, organic fibers and a mixture of handmade props dreamed up by me and made by my very patient husband or sourced from local shops. I use these props to focus the attention on the beautiful new babe you’ve brought into this world and create timeless works of art worthy of documenting the amazing miracle that is new life.


Why I love Lifestyle Newborn Sessions?

A few reasons.

They capture a certain kind of magic that is only around for such a short time. The weeks after a new babe is born are chaotic and beautiful and go by in a blur all at once. My lifestyle sessions are meant to pause those weeks, to capture that budding familial bond in a natural relaxed way where ever you feel most comfortable.

They take the pressure off! Unlike traditional posed portrait sessions, lifestyle sessions absolutely do not need to take place within 10 days of birth. They can be scheduled up to 6 weeks of age and allow for recovery, for parents and older siblings to settle in, get to know each other and to relax for a time after the flurry of visitors subsides.

Finally, because YOU are in them an its not just a grainy cell photo picture. As a Mama, I know how often you’re alone with no on to hold the camera or how easy it is to forget about having photos of ourselves. Or more still feeling “up to” being in the picture. But don’t let fear of being in front of the camera dissuade you, this beautiful babe deserves to see how much they were loved by you right from the start. Its decades away now but I promise you they will cherish these photos with you, when they are silvered with age and sitting around their own kitchen table comparing photos for likeliness of their own grandchildren.