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Something beautiful happens when

 A family is left to interact with each other without the pressure of being posed and made to smile toward she camera. Yes, I promise to get that “framer” for your mantle or to send to the doting grandparents but we’ll save that for last! First and most importantly the fun stuff where I’ll watch you simply be together as a family. We’ll giggle, Ill guide you in playing a few games or ask silly questions and capture those heart-stoppingly beautiful moments of you interacting with your littles. This is the time where I get to know you, where I gain the trust of the tiny dictators and by the end of the session they are comfortable enough to look right into my lens and give me their best toothy grin!

My sessions are a perfectly balanced mix of documentary lifestyle and posed portraiture. They are intended to satisfy the need for the perfect family photo, but also your hearts desire for the natural moments that’ll still make your voice catch years from now when you pull them out to reminisce.