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Hey Mama’s

I made this one just for you, why? Because I remember.

I remember how fast it goes, I remember the haze. The blur of those first fleeting days. The unbelievably powerful feelings of joy and exhaustion. The sensory overload and complete overwhelm.

I remember, its that simple and I want to help you remember to

During a fresh 48 sessions, I document, that’s it. No pressure.  No posing.

I stand back and take it all in. I steep in all the love and emotion surrounding your babes arrival and capture all the things that, as a mama, I know I would want to remember. Everything I would want to show them as they grow older and to share with family near and far.

This session is meant to allow you to have a break, to put down your cell phone and revel in those first irretrievable few hours with your new babe. My goal is to give you piece of mind and reassurance that al those details you want to encapsulate are being documented for you, allowing you to be wholly present during this time.


Curious what a fresh 48 session looks like?