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First off, I LOVE engagement sessions. I think they are such a wonderful way for you to connect before your wedding day and not just with each other, with me as your photographer as well. For a lot of couples, the engagement session may be their first ever professional photoshoot and from being on the other side of the camera a whole lot over the years myself, I am fully aware that modeling is hard. You're constantly wondering what to do with your hands, where to focus your gaze, how to pose? You feel awkward and don't want to look cheesy, well guess what! That's not my jam either and part of the reason why I give complimentary engagement sessions in most of my packages. 




I feel it is so key to helping us produce beautiful, candid and emotional photos on your wedding day. It is a chance for us to goof off together! You'll dress up (or not? lol) and we'll go somewhere beautiful and basically just hang out. We'll get to know each other a little while I guide you through some relaxed poses and prompt you with goofy actions or questions to get you comfortable and laughing. Laughter is a huge part of my engagement sessions, I like my couples to be relaxed, carefree and completely themselves. Also, it is my job to photograph PDA so don't be shy cozying all up on each other because I love it! 

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My biggest complement from my couples is when at the end of the session they express how much different that was than they were expecting and how they enjoyed themselves and felt comfortable. The goal is to get you feeling confident in front of the camera and with me behind it. As well as to show you a little of how I work and what to expect on the day of. I find that a trust is built during the engagement session and that trust comes back in full force on your wedding day allowing me to come alongside you and capture the day as it unfolds as candidly and transparently as I am able. Translating all the love and emotion, the tearful happy embraces and crazy dance floor shenanigans into tangible imagery to remind you of exactly how your day felt.