Photo Credit: Pauline Holden

Photo Credit: Pauline Holden


Heyyyyyy friend!! I’m paige,

And I’m an adventurous elopement, wedding and family photographer based along B.C’s Vancouver Coastline and I have to so I’m so dang excited that you’re here!!!!!!

I spend most of my days off trekking along through the trees after my husband and our babes checking out new places in our never ending quest to explore every possible view point or waterfall imaginable. My kids have seen more amazing places in their few short years than a lot of adults see in their lifetimes! But if you’re catching me at home I’m probably stuffing my face with waffles, which are a main food group for me. Oh and my husbands a celiac? Go figure?

I’d say I definitely connect best with the wild, laid back and tenderhearted lovers of this earth. It’s taken me a long time to realize I’m not going to be the right photographer for everyone, and I’m totally cool with that! If you’re one of the brides or families who walk to the beat of their own hearts, the ones who aren’t afraid to toss out tradition and get their feet a bit dusty or their dress a little wind blown on the path to that perfect golden sunset ? .. I’m your gal!

You, your story and your loves are beautifully unique. The importance of these photographs and capturing that incomparable quality is not lost on me and I walk into each wedding or session and document it as if it were my own.